Brazilian Waterweed ~ Elodea

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3 years ago, found some anacharis in a lake near my house for use in my 700G backyard goldfish pond. It survives the Seattle area winters and has propagated well,... (more)  Paul C

   Anacharis, a hardy and easily kept plant, is probably the most commonly kept aquarium plant.

Anacharis, Brazilian Waterweed, and Elodea are all common names used to for this species, Egeria densa. While this species is most suitable for a tropical aquarium, it can also be kept in cooler water. These same common names are also applied to the American or Canadian waterweed species of the Elodea genus, which are very similar. Elodea species are suitable for cool aquariums or ponds however, rather than tropical environments. To be certain of which 'Anacharis' you are obtaining, be sure to check its scientific name.

Anacharis will root if the shoots are buried in the gravel, however they can be kept either as floating plants or as rooted plants. They grow very well in ponds and goldfish tanks and will survive in cold water. They are great beginner plants because they adapt very easily, grow quickly, and are easily propagated. They are also good oxygenators. The stems will grow up to 50 cm (20 in) or more, so they usually need to be kept trimmed.

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Geographic Distribution
Egeria densa
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   Anacharis or Brazilian Waterweed Egeria densa originated in South America, in warmer areas of the temperate zone. It can be found in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil and has also been introduced into North America, Africa, Europe, and Japan.

Water conditions:

   Temperature: 50-77° F (10-25° C)
   pH: 6.5 - 7.5
   dCH: Prefers hard water


   Light level: Moderate


   Cut stems will readily root in sand or gravel.


   Anacharis is readily available.

Author: Jasmine Brough
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Paul C - 2015-12-29
3 years ago, found some anacharis in a lake near my house for use in my 700G backyard goldfish pond. It survives the Seattle area winters and has propagated well, thrived and multiples, it is mostly free floating. It is more of a cold water plant as it does not do well in my 55G tropical tank as only disintegrates and dies and creates a mess with the dead floating leaves.

David - 2010-07-16
I have a pond (small) that initially occupied with different tropical fishes, but they always disappeared maybe because birds, or other.
A few month ago I decided to take a different approach and bought 1 plant (Anacharis)
so the fish could hide from predators, well it didn't work for the fish, so I moved the ones I got left with to my 20 gal tank, now I have so many Anacharis that I wish there was a way to use them and not kill them, Let me know if there is other use for the plant, thank you (Florida)

  • sandy cook - 2011-04-06
    I will take some off your hands! i can't find any here where I live.
  • Dana - 2013-09-16
    Do you still have the anacharis in bunches? I would love to get some from you if it's for sale.
  • Kevin Gagnon - 2014-05-09
    I have anacharis for sale if any one is interested. One bunch (3 plants) for a $1.
  • Donna - 2014-07-27
    Do you have anymore Anacharis for sale?
Aleen - 2006-08-18
I got 3 bunches of Anacharis last week and they are already growing to the top of my tank. when I got them they had mostly all brown leaves on them, now they are all green. it is a very good plant; hardy and pretty. I would definitely recommend this plant!

  • Carman - 2013-12-26
    'Aleen'. Hi Aleen, can you please tell me if you can, the specifics to setting up a tank for Aancharis? For example, temperature, does it need a filter, a light and how much light if needed. My husband loves this plant and I would like to get as much information so I can give him all the supplies and information he will need to make a tank of his very own. As much information you may have would be truly appreciated. Thank you,carman
Bernadette M. - 2005-01-05
I remember always having anacharis in all the fish tanks we had when I was growing up. As a child, I worked in a neighborhood tropical fish store and remember that anacharis outsold all other plants many times over, mostly due to the hardiness of it. That was all in California.
I now live in Washington (State). I was shocked to find out that I couldnt buy anachris in the state of Washington as it was put on some list naming it a weed, and therefore is illegal to sell.
I have yet to find any plant that even comes close to it